SignalChem understands how important it is for the researchers to source high-quality antibodies while working on research projects involving new proteins and other antigens of interest. SignalChem offers a comprehensive range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies including primary & secondary antibodies, paralog-specific antibodies, modification antibodies, phospho-specific antibodies, and tag antibodies to support life science research. We also work with scientists to develop custom recombinant antibodies in various cell systems, ready to be used in different immunoassays.

Name Catalog Number
Alpha Synuclein Antibody S22-62R
Alpha Synuclein Antibody (pSer129) S22-635R
Alpha Synuclein Antibody, 10H7 S22-61BM
Alpha Synuclein Antibody, 3C11 S22-61M
Alpha Synuclein Antibody, 3F8 S22-61CM
Alpha Synuclein Antibody, 4F1 S22-61DM
Anti-4EBP1 E35-563R
Anti-ADD1 A38-63R
Anti-AFX A42-63R
Anti-AKT (pan) A16-63R
Anti-AKT (pan) A16-63BR
Anti-AKT1 A16-60M
Anti-AKT1 A16-63CR
Anti-AKT2 A17-61A
Anti-AKT2/3 A17-63BR
Anti-AKT3 A18-61M
Anti-ALK2 A06-63R
Anti-ALK4 A07-63R
Anti-ALK7 A08-63R
Anti-alpha 1-Actin A03-360M
Anti-AMPK alpha 1/2 P47-63BR
Anti-Amyloid beta A06-563R
Anti-AOS1 A80-63R
Anti-APBA1 A86-363R
Anti-APC1 A87-363R
Anti-APC1 (Ser355) A87-363BR
Anti-APC10 A95-363R
Anti-APC11 A96-363R
Anti-APC13 A97-363R
Anti-APC2 A88-363R
Anti-APC3 A89-363R
Anti-APC3 (CDC27) A89-363BR
Anti-APC4 A90-363R
Anti-APC5 A91-363R
Anti-APC6 A92-363R
Anti-APC7 A93-363R
Anti-APC8 A94-363R
Anti-ASK1 M13-60M
Anti-ASK1 M13-60BM
Anti-ASK1 M13-63BR
Anti-ASK1 M13-63R
Anti-ASK1 M13-63CR
Anti-ATF2 A10-63R
Anti-ATG13 A113-363R
Anti-ATG5 A105-363R
Anti-AURORA B A31-63R
Anti-AXL A34-63R
Anti-BAD B03-363R
Anti-BAG1 B05-363BR
Anti-BAG1 B05-363R
Anti-BAK1 B09-363R
Anti-BAX B14-363R
Anti-BCL2 B25-63R
Anti-BCL2 B25-63BR
Anti-BCL2 B25-63CR
Anti-BCL2L1 B26-363R
Anti-BCL2L10 B26-363JR
Anti-BCL2L14 B26-363NR
Anti-beta-Actin A03-63BR
Anti-beta-Actin A03-60BM
Anti-BID B59-363BR
Anti-BID B59-363R
Anti-BIRC2 B279-63R
Anti-BMPR2 B06-63R
Anti-BOK B70-363R
Anti-BRAF B08-63R
Anti-BRSK1 B13-63BR
Anti-BRSK1 B13-63R
Anti-BRSK2 B14-63R
Anti-BTK B10-63R
Anti-BUB1 B11-63BR
Anti-BUB1 B11-63R
Anti-BUB1B B12-60M
Anti-c-JUN C05-63R
Anti-c-KIT K06-63R
Anti-CAMK2 C11-63R
Anti-CAMK4 C15-63R
Anti-CASK C19-63R
Anti-CASKIN1 C13-363R
Anti-Caspase-3 C603-363CR
Anti-CD5L (CT-2) C61-363BR
Anti-CD5L (CT-2) C61-363R
Anti-CDC25A C04-63R
Anti-CDC42 C08-363R
Anti-CDK1 C22-63R
Anti-CDK2 C29-63R
Anti-CDK4 C31-63R
Anti-CDK5 C33-60M
Anti-CDK5 C33-63R
Anti-CDK9 C40-63R
Anti-CHK2 C48-63R
Anti-Choline Acetyltransferase C309-363G
Anti-CREB C49-63R
Anti-Cyclin A C78-363R
Anti-Cyclin A C78-363BR
Anti-Cyclin B1 C79-362R
Anti-Cyclin D1 C81-362R
Anti-Cyclin E C82-363R
Anti-Cyclin E2 C82-363BR
Anti-Cyclin O C85-363BR
Anti-Cyclin O C85-363R
Anti-CyclinT1 C86-363BR
Anti-Cytokeratin 5 (KRT5) C91-563R
Anti-DAPK2 D02-63R
Anti-DAPK3 D03-63R
Anti-DCAMKL1 D14-63R
Anti-DCAMKL2 D15-63R
Anti-DCAMKL3 D16-63R
Anti-DLK1 M20-63R
Anti-DNMT3L D353-63R
Anti-DOK1 D42-63R
Anti-DRAK2 (STK17B) S34-63R
Anti-DYRK1A D09-63R
Anti-DYRK2 D10-63R
Anti-EGFR E10-63BR
Anti-EGFR E10-63R
Anti-EIF2AK2 (PKR) P80-63R
Anti-EIF2AK2 (PKR) P80-63BR
Anti-EIF2AK2 (PKR) P80-63CR
Anti-eIF4E E34-63R
Anti-ELK1 E64-63R
Anti-ERK1 M29-60CM
Anti-ERK1/2 M29-60EM
Anti-ERK2 M28-63R
Anti-EZH1 E95-363R
Anti-EZH2 E96-363R
Anti-FGF4 F824-63R
Anti-FLT3 F12-63R
Anti-FOXO1 F19-63R
Anti-FOXO3 F70-363R
Anti-GAB1 G03-63R
Anti-GAPDH G13-61M
Anti-GAPDH G13-63R
Anti-GATA1 G19-63R
Anti-GFAP G28-563R
Anti-GLUT1 G837-363R
Anti-GSK3 alpha/beta G09-63R
Anti-HDAC1 H83-63R
Anti-HDAC11 H93-63R
Anti-HDAC2 H84-63R
Anti-HDAC4 H86-63R
Anti-HDAC4 H86-63BR
Anti-HDAC5 H87-63R
Anti-HDAC5 H87-63BR
Anti-HDAC6 H88-63R
Anti-HDAC7 H89-63R
Anti-HDAC8 H90-63R
Anti-HDAC9 H91-63R
Anti-HER2 E27-63R
Anti-HER3 E28-62R
Anti-Histone H3 H12-63R
Anti-HSF1 H25-63R
Anti-HSP27 H30-63R
Anti-HSP27 H30-60M
Anti-IKK alpha C51-63BR
Anti-IKK alpha C51-63CR
Anti-IKK alpha C51-63R
Anti-IKK beta I03-63R
Anti-IKK epsilon I04-63R
Anti-IKK gamma I25-63R
Anti-IL-21 I881-463R
Anti-IRAK1 I09-63R
Anti-IRAK2 I10-63BR
Anti-IRAK2 I10-63CR
Anti-IRAK2 I10-63R
Anti-IRAK3 I11-63R
Anti-IRAK4 I12-63R
Anti-IRS1 I40-363R
Anti-JMJD1C J48-363R
Anti-JNK2/3 M34-63R
Anti-KDM1A K421-63BR
Anti-KDM1A K421-63R
Anti-KDM3A K423-63R
Anti-KDM3B K423-63BR
Anti-KDM4A K424-63R
Anti-KDM4B K424-63BR
Anti-KDM6B K426-63BR
Anti-KDM8 K428-63R
Anti-LIMK1 L04-63R
Anti-LKB1 (STK11) L15-63R
Anti-MAP2 M110-563R
Anti-MAPKAPK2/3 M40-63R
Anti-MARCKS M02-562R
Anti-MBP M42-563C
Anti-MCAM M141-563R
Anti-MEK1/2 M02-63R
Anti-mGLUR5 G834-463R
Anti-mTOR F17-63R
Anti-mTOR F17-63BR
Anti-MYT1L M92-363R
Anti-NEK2 N03-63R
Anti-Nestin (NES) N122-561M
Anti-Neurofilament-L (NF-L) N125-561M
Anti-NF-kB p105 N12-63R
Anti-NIK N22-63R
Anti-NOTCH 2 N42-363R
Anti-NOTCH 4 N44-363R
Anti-p16INK4A C30-363R
Anti-p16INK4A (CDKN2A) C30-362R
Anti-p21CIP1 C27-63R
Anti-p21CIP1 (p21/WAF1) C27-61M
Anti-p27KIP1 (CDKN1B) C28-362R
Anti-p28ING5 I32-363EG
Anti-p29ING4 I32-363DG
Anti-p33ING1 I32-363G
Anti-p38 alpha M39-60M
Anti-p47ING3 I32-363CG
Anti-p53 P05-63R
Anti-p53 P05-60M
Anti-p57KIP2 C29-363R
Anti-p70S6K R21-63R
Anti-p70S6K R21-63BR
Anti-PACRG P216-363R
Anti-PAK2 P03-63BR
Anti-PAK2 P03-63R
Anti-PAK4 P05-163R
Anti-PAK6 P06-63R
Anti-PAK7 P07-63R
Anti-PCNA P11-363R
Anti-PDGFB P842-63R
Anti-PDHK1 P57-63R
Anti-PGCC1 P845-363R
Anti-PHLPP1 P71-263R
Anti-PHLPP2 P72-263R
Anti-PIAS1 P280-63R
Anti-PIAS2 P281-63R
Anti-PIAS3 P282-63R
Anti-PIAS4 P283-63R
Anti-PKAc P51-63R
Anti-PKC delta/theta P64-63DR
Anti-PKC zeta P75-63R
Anti-PLAC1 P38-363R
Anti-PLAC2 P38-363BR
Anti-PLAC3 P38-363CR
Anti-PLAC4 P38-363DR
Anti-PLC gamma 1 P40-63R
Anti-PTEN P23-263BR
Anti-PTEN P23-263R
Anti-PTK7 P95-63R
Anti-PTK7 P95-63BR
Anti-PTPN11 (SHP2) P38-63CR
Anti-PTPN11 (SHP2) P38-63BR
Anti-PYK2 P92-63R
Anti-QIK S15-63R
Anti-RAF1 R01-63R
Anti-Raptor R47-363R
Anti-Raptor R47-363BR
Anti-RB2 (p130) R50-363R
Anti-Rel A R29-63R
Anti-Rel A R29-63BR
Anti-RHEB R42-363R
Anti-RHEB R42-363BR
Anti-RIPK1 R07-63R
Anti-RIPK2 R08-63R
Anti-RIPK2 R08-63BR
Anti-RIPK3 R09-63R
Anti-ROCK1 R10-63R
Anti-ROCK2 R11-63R
Anti-RSK (pan) R15-63BR
Anti-RSK1 R15-63R
Anti-RSK1 R15-63CR
Anti-RSK3 R16-63R
Anti-RSL1D1 R76-363R
Anti-SGK1 S06-63R
Anti-SH2D1A (SAP) S03-63R
Anti-SHP2 P38-63R
Anti-SIK1 S14-63R
Anti-SIK3 S12-63R
Anti-SIRT1 S35-463R
Anti-SIRT2 S36-463BR
Anti-SIRT2 S36-463R
Anti-SIRT3 S37-463R
Anti-SIRT4 S38-463R
Anti-SIRT5 S39-463R
Anti-SIRT6 S40-463R
Anti-SIRT7 S41-463R
Anti-SMAD1 S10-363R
Anti-SMAD2 S11-363R
Anti-SMC1 S19-63R
Anti-SNCA S22-360M
Anti-SOX2 S832-361M
Anti-Src S19-63BR
Anti-STAT1 alpha S52-63BR
Anti-STAT3 S54-63CR
Anti-Stathmin S71-363R
Anti-Stathmin S71-363BR
Anti-STK39 (STLK3) S51-63R
Anti-STK39 (STLK3) S51-63BR
Anti-SUMO1 S293-63R
Anti-SUMO2/3 S294-63BR
Anti-SUMO3 S295-63R
Anti-TAB1 T01-363R
Anti-TAK1 M15-63R
Anti-TBK1 T02-63R
Anti-TET3 T638-63R
Anti-TRAF2 T57-363BR
Anti-TRAF2 T57-363R
Anti-TRAF3 T58-363R
Anti-TRAF3 T58-363BR
Anti-Trail T880-63R
Anti-TRKA N16-63R
Anti-TSC1 T71-363R
Anti-TSC1 T71-363BR
Anti-TSC2 T72-363R
Anti-TSC2 T72-363BR
Anti-TTBK1 T18-63R
Anti-TTBK2 T18-63BR
Anti-Tubulin alpha T91-63R
Anti-Tubulin beta T92-63R
Anti-TYK2 (JTK1) T21-63R
Anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase H492-363R
Anti-UBA1 (UBE1) U201-62R
Anti-UBA2 (SAE2) U202-63R
Anti-UBC9 U19-63R
Anti-UBE2N (UBC13) U231-63R
Anti-UBE2V1 (UEV1A) U238-63R
Anti-UBLE1A (SAE1) U208-63R
Anti-VASP V12-63R
Anti-VAV V14-63R
Anti-Vimentin V49-362C
Anti-VLK V05-163R
Anti-XIAP X08-63R
Anti-ZAP70 Z02-61M
Anti-ZAP70 Z02-63R
Anti-ZIP11 Z45-363R
Tau Antibody T08-62BR
Tau Antibody T08-63R
Tau Antibody T08-62R
Tau Antibody (pSer202/pThr205), AH36 T08-65R
Tau Antibody, 1D5 T08-60M
Tau Antibody, 3D4 T08-60BM



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