G Proteins

G Proteins

G Proteins, short for Guanine nucleotide-binding proteins, are a vital class of signaling molecules that play a central role in transmitting extracellular signals to the interior of cells. They act as molecular switches, converting information from various receptors on the cell surface to intracellular responses. G Proteins are involved in a wide range of physiological processes, including but not limited to cell growth, differentiation, metabolism, neurotransmission, immune response, and sensory perception. They are critical components of signal transduction pathways, which allow cells to respond appropriately to external stimuli and maintain homeostasis. Dysregulation of G Protein signaling has been implicated in numerous diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disorders, neurological conditions, and metabolic disorders. Therefore, studying G proteins and their associated pathways is crucial for understanding disease mechanisms and identifying potential therapeutic targets.

Signalchem manufactures high-quality G proteins such as GTPases, ATPases, G protein alpha subunits, Ras, Rac, and Rho. We understand the importance of reliable research tools, and that’s why we ensure the utmost quality and performance of our G Protein products. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust that you are receiving proteins of the highest integrity and consistency, enabling you to achieve accurate and reproducible results.

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Name Catalog Number
GNA11 Protein G116-30G
GNA13 Protein G118-30G
GNA14 Protein G119-30G
GNAZ Protein G131-30G
HRAS (G12A) Protein R05-32ATH
HRAS (G12C) Protein R05-32CTH
HRAS (G12S) Protein R05-32STH
HRAS (G12V) Protein R05-32H
HRAS (G12V) Protein R05-32VTH
KRAS (G12C) Protein R06-32DH
KRAS (G12C) Protein R06-32DU
KRAS (G12C) Protein R06-32DTH
KRAS (G12D) Protein R06-32BH
KRAS (G12D, Isoform B) Protein R06B-32BH
KRAS (G12D, Isoform B) Protein R06B-321BH
KRAS (G12V) Protein R06-32CH
NRAS (G12C) Protein R07-32CH
NRAS (Q61K) Protein R07-32H
NRAS (Q61K) Protein R07-321H
NRAS (Q61K), Biotinylated R07-32HB
NRAS (Q61K), Biotinylated R07-321HB
RAS Protein R05-30G
RGS1 Protein R39-30H
RHEB Protein R42-30H
RhoA Mutant (S188A) Protein R44-32AH



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