Epigenetic Enzymes

Epigenetic Enzymes

Epigenetic enzymes are crucial in maintaining key cellular functions by modifying chromatin structures and controlling gene transcription process. These reversible epigenetic DNA and histone modifications are controlled by important epigenetic enzymes such as methyltransferases and acetyltransferases. Dysregulation of these enzymes have been observed in myriad human diseases such as cancer. In recent years, epigenetic enzymes have emerged as some of the most promising classes of targets for drug discovery projects and development projects.

Scientists at SignalChem have developed a full range of epigenetic enzymes including acetyltransferases, histone deacetylases, methyltransferases and more. Our high-quality recombinant epigenetic enzymes and the assay methods are valuable tools for scientists to conduct research in epigenetics and for the pharmaceutical companies to develop novel therapeutics modulating these biological targets.

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Name Catalog Number
ASH2L Protein A372-30BG
BRD3 Protein B17-30G
DNMT1 Protein D351-31G
DPY30 Protein D369-30H
EED Protein E310-30H
EZH1 Protein E395-30G
EZH2 (Y641C) Protein E396-32BG
EZH2 (Y641H) Protein E396-32DG
EZH2 (Y641N) Protein E396-32EG
EZH2 (Y641S) Protein E396-32FG
EZH2 Protein E396-30G
HEMK1 Protein H311-30G
KAT3A (CREBBP) Protein K312-31G
KAT3B (EP300) Protein K312-31BG
KAT4 Protein K313-31G
KAT8 (MYST1) Protein K317-31G
KAT9 (ELP3) Protein K318-30G
LCMT2 Protein L322-30G
MEP50 (WDR77) Protein W329-30G
METTL1 Protein M321-30G
METTL11A Protein M331-30G
METTL14 Protein M334-30G
METTL2A Protein M322-30G
METTL3 Protein M323-30G
MGMT Protein M354-30H
P300 Protein P07-31G
PCAF Protein P09-31G
PCMT1 Protein P314-30G
PCNA Protein P11-30H
PRDM2 (KMT8) Protein P333-31G
PRMT2 Protein P365-30BG
PRMT5 Protein P365-30EG
PRMT7 Protein P365-30GG
RBBP4 Protein R314-30G
RBBP5 Protein R315-30H
SETD4 Protein S353-30G
SETD8 Protein S345-30G
SETDB1 (KMT1E) Protein S346-31G
SETDB2 Protein S346-30BG
SETMAR Protein S347-30G
TRDMT1 (DNMT2) Protein T352-30G
WDR5 Protein W325-30H
WHSC1L1 (NSD3) Protein N378-31G
WTAP Protein W369-30G



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