Phosphodiesterases (PDEs) play a central role in the regulation of various signaling cascades by specifically hydrolyzing the cyclic nucleotides, cAMP, and cGMP into their nucleoside 5’ -– monophosphate form AMP and GMP respectively. Hydrolysis of these nucleotides results in the breakdown of these secondary messengers and the abrogation of downstream signaling. Given the importance of these enzymes in the regulation of cAMP/cGMP signaling, PDEs have been identified as an important class of potential drug targets in diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, coronary heart diseases, asthma and more.

Signalchem has successfully manufactured 19 of the 24 phosphodiesterases from the human genome as active enzymes. Our recombinant PDEs are compatible with their substrates cAMP and cGMP and are ready to be included in enzyme activity and inhibitor profiling assays. Our PDEs are tested exclusively using Promega's PDE-Glo™ Assay technology.

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Name Catalog Number
ENPP2, Active E322-310G
PDE10A, Active P98-31G
PDE12, Active P100-310G
PDE1A, Active P89-30H
PDE1B, Active P89-30BG
PDE1C, Active P89-30CG
PDE2A, Active P90-30G
PDE3A, Active P91-31G
PDE3B, Active P91-31BG
PDE4A, Active P92-31G
PDE4B, Active P92-31BG
PDE4C, Active P92-31CG
PDE4D, Active P92-31DG
PDE5A, Active P93-31G
PDE6A, Active P94-31G
PDE6B Protein P94-34BG
PDE6C Protein P94-34CG
PDE6D Protein P94-30DG
PDE7A, Active P95-31G
PDE7B, Active P95-30BG
PDE8A, Active P96-30G
PDE8B, Active P96-31BG
PDE9A, Active P97-30G



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