Epigenetic Enzymes

Epigenetic Enzymes

Epigenetic enzymes are crucial in maintaining key cellular functions by modifying chromatin structures and controlling gene transcription process. These reversible epigenetic DNA and histone modifications are controlled by important epigenetic enzymes such as methyltransferases and acetyltransferases. Dysregulation of these enzymes have been observed in myriad human diseases such as cancer. In recent years, epigenetic enzymes have emerged as some of the most promising classes of targets for drug discovery projects and development projects.

Scientists at SignalChem have developed a full range of epigenetic enzymes including acetyltransferases, histone deacetylases, methyltransferases and more. Our high-quality recombinant epigenetic enzymes and the assay methods are valuable tools for scientists to conduct research in epigenetics and for the pharmaceutical companies to develop novel therapeutics modulating these biological targets.

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Name Catalog Number
JMJD6 Protein J453-30G
KDM1A Protein K421-31G
KDM1B Protein K421-30BG
KDM2A Protein K422-31G
KDM2B Protein K422-30BG
KDM4A Protein K424-31G
KDM4B Protein K424-31BG
KDM4C Protein K424-31CG
KDM5B Protein K425-31BG
KDM5C Protein K425-31CG
PPME1 Protein P332-30G
SIRT1 Protein S35-31EG
SIRT2 Protein S36-30EG
SIRT3 Protein S37-30EG
SIRT4 Protein S38-30EG
SIRT5 Protein S39-30EG
SIRT6 Protein S40-30EG



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