Tau Proteins

Tau Proteins

Signalchem manufactures one of the most comprehensive selections of recombinant Tau proteins. Our selection includes Tau isoforms, phospho-Tau, and mutant variants, which demonstrates SignalChem's drive to provide quality reagents to facilitate research in neurobiology.

Tau is a microtubule-associated protein that interacts with the tubulin subunits, the building blocks of microtubules. Part of the cell’s cytoskeleton network, microtubules play a critical role in the intracellular scaffold and cellular trafficking. Tau is essential for microtubule stabilization, assembly, and function in neuronal morphology and axonal transport. Tau can control microtubule stability by phosphorylation and through the various isoforms of the protein.

Abnormal post-translational modifications of Tau are associated with severe pathogenesis found in multiple neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease. For example, hyperphosphorylation of Tau leads to the protein’s misfolding and proteinaceous deposits referred to as neurofibrillary tangles (NFT) typically seen in Alzheimer’s. These observations have established Tau proteins as a key therapeutic target and research efforts in understanding Tau’s role in health and disease.

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Name Catalog Number
Tau K18 (P61L) Pre-Formed Fibril T18-58GN
Tau K18 (P61L) Protein Monomer T18-57GN
Tau Protein Marker T08-07N
Tau-316 Protein T02-54N
Tau-352 Protein T03-54N
Tau-361 Protein T09B-54N
Tau-381 Protein T04-54N
Tau-383 (N352H) Protein T05-56N
Tau-383 Protein T05-54N
Tau-410 Protein T06-54N
Tau-412 Protein T07-54N
Tau-412, GSK3beta-phosphorylated T07-50CN
Tau-441 (1-391) Protein T08-55CN
Tau-441 (1-421) Protein T08-55BN
Tau-441 (127-421) Protein T08-55KN
Tau-441 (151-391) Protein T08-55FN
Tau-441 (151-421) Protein T08-55EN
Tau-441 (151-441) Protein T08-55DN
Tau-441 (216-391) Protein T08-55LN
Tau-441 (216-391), Biotinylated T08-55LNB
Tau-441 (231-391) Protein T08-55IN
Tau-441 (231-421) Protein T08-55HN
Tau-441 (231-441) Protein T08-55GN
Tau-441 (244-372) Protein T08-55N
Tau-441 (244-372) Protein T08-55H
Tau-441 (244-372), Biotinylated T08-55NB
Tau-441 (50-391) Protein T08-55ON
Tau-441 (50-421) Protein T08-55NN
Tau-441 (50-441) Protein T08-55MN
Tau-441 (99-441) Protein T08-55JN
Tau-441 (A152T) Protein T08-56VN
Tau-441 (dK280) Protein T08-52N
Tau-441 (dN296) Protein T08-52BN
Tau-441 (G272V) Protein T08-56DN
Tau-441 (K257T) Protein T08-56N
Tau-441 (L266V) Protein T08-56CN
Tau-441 (N279K) Protein T08-56EN
Tau-441 (P301L) Protein T08-56FN
Tau-441 (P301L), Biotinylated T08-56FBN
Tau-441 (P301S) Pre-Formed Fibril T08-58GN
Tau-441 (P301S) Protein T08-56GN
Tau-441 (P301S) Protein Monomer T08-57GN
Tau-441 (R406W) Protein T08-56MN
Tau-441 (S198A) Protein T08-53BN
Tau-441 (S198E) Protein T08-53N
Tau-441 (S199E) Protein T08-53CN
Tau-441 (S214A) Protein T08-53DN
Tau-441 (S305N) Protein T08-56HN
Tau-441 (S352L) Protein T08-56KN
Tau-441 (S404A) Protein T08-53HN
Tau-441 (S404E) Protein T08-53GN
Tau-441 (T217A) Protein T08-56ON
Tau-441 (V337M) Protein T08-56JN
Tau-441 Protein T08-54N
Tau-441 Protein T08-54H
Tau-441, Biotinylated T08-54BN
Tau-441, Biotinylated T08-54B2N
Tau-441, BRSK1-phosphorylated T08-50N
Tau-441, BRSK2-phosphorylated T08-50BN
Tau-441, CAMK2-phosphorylated T08-50CN
Tau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated T08-50RN
Tau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated & Biotinylated T08-50RNB
Tau-441, GSK3beta-phosphorylated T08-50FN
Tau-441, PHKG2-phosphorylated T08-50KN
Tau-441, PKA-phosphorylated T08-50LN
Tau-441, TTBK1-phosphorylated T08-50ON



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