SignalChem understands how important it is for the researchers to source high-quality antibodies while working on research projects involving new proteins and other antigens of interest. SignalChem offers a comprehensive range of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies including primary & secondary antibodies, paralog-specific antibodies, modification antibodies, phospho-specific antibodies, and tag antibodies to support life science research. We also work with scientists to develop custom recombinant antibodies in various cell systems, ready to be used in different immunoassays.

Name Catalog Number
Alpha Synuclein Antibody (pSer129), J18 S22-65R
Anti-phospho-14-3-3 beta (Ser58) Y71-365R
Anti-phospho-4EBP1 (Thr45) E35-365R
Anti-phospho-AKT1/2/3 (Ser473) A16-65BR
Anti-phospho-AKT1/2/3 (Ser473) A16-65BM
Anti-phospho-AKT1/2/3 (Thr308) A16-65R
Anti-phospho-AKT1/2/3 (Thr308) A16-65M
Anti-Phospho-APC1 (Ser377) A87-365R
Anti-Phospho-APC3 (Ser427) A89-365BR
Anti-Phospho-APC3 (Thr 244) A89-365R
Anti-Phospho-ASK1 (Ser83) M13-65BR
Anti-phospho-ASK1 (Ser966) M13-65R
Anti-phospho-ATF2 (Ser112) A10-565R
Anti-phospho-ATF2 (Ser490 Ser498) A10-565BR
Anti-Phospho-ATM (Ser1981) A26-65S
Anti-Phospho-AURORA B (Thr 232) A31-65R
Anti-phospho-BRCA1 (Ser1423) B87-365R
Anti-phospho-c-KIT (Tyr721) K06-65R
Anti-phospho-c-KIT (Tyr936) K06-65BR
Anti-phospho-CAMK2A/2B (Thr286) C11-65R
Anti-phospho-Catenin beta (Ser33 Ser37) C06-365R
Anti-phospho-CDK1 (Tyr15) C22-65R
Anti-Phospho-CDK9 (Thr29) C40-65R
Anti-phospho-CHK2 (Thr68) C48-65R
Anti-phospho-CREB1 (Ser133) C49-565R
Anti-Phospho-Cyclin B1 (Ser126) C79-365R
Anti-phospho-EGFR (Thr678) E10-65BR
Anti-phospho-EGFR (Thr693) E10-65CR
Anti-phospho-EGFR (Tyr1092) E10-65DR
Anti-phospho-EGFR (Tyr1110) E10-65ER
Anti-phospho-EGFR (Tyr1197) E10-65FR
Anti-phospho-EIF2AK2 (Thr446) P80-65R
Anti-phospho-ELK1 (Ser383) E64-65R
Anti-phospho-EPHB2 (Tyr469) E22-65R
Anti-phospho-EPHB2 (Tyr473) E22-65BR
Anti-phospho-ERK1/2 (Thr202) M29-65R
Anti-phospho-ERK1/2 (Thr202/Tyr204) M29-652R
Anti-phospho-ERK1/2 (Tyr204) M29-65BR
Anti-phospho-GABABR2 (Ser783) G803-465BR
Anti-phospho-GluR1 (Ser845) G830-365R
Anti-Phospho-GSKα (Ser21) G08-65R
Anti-phospho-GSK3 beta (Ser9) G09-652R
Anti-phospho-GSK3 beta (Ser9) G09-65R
Anti-phospho-HDAC2 (Ser394) H84-65R
Anti-phospho-HER2 (Tyr877) E27-65R
Anti-phospho-Histone H2A.X (Ser139) H11-565R
Anti-phospho-Histone H3.1 (Ser10) H12-565R
Anti-phospho-HTT (Ser421) H390-65R
Anti-Phospho-IKKε I04-65R
Anti-Phospho-IRS1 (Ser307) I40-365CR
Anti-phospho-IRS1 (Ser312) I40-365R
Anti-phospho-IRS1 (Ser639) I40-365BR
Anti-phospho-JAK1 (Tyr1022) J01-65R
Anti-phospho-JAK2 (Tyr1007) J02-65BR
Anti-phospho-JAK2 (Tyr221) J02-65R
Anti-phospho-KDR (Tyr1214) K01-65BR
Anti-phospho-KDR (Tyr951) K01-65R
Anti-phospho-MARCKS (Ser152 Ser156) M02-565R
Anti-Phospho-MARK2 (Thr595) M44-65R
Anti-Phospho-MDM2 (Ser185) M45-365R
Anti-phospho-MEK1 (Thr292) M02-65BR
Anti-phospho-MEK1 (Thr386) M02-65CR
Anti-phospho-MEK1/2 (Ser218 Ser222) M02-652R
Anti-phospho-MEK1/2 (Ser222) M02-65R
Anti-phospho-MEK5 (Ser311 Ser315) M06-65R
Anti-phospho-MET (Tyr1349 Tyr1356) M52-65R
Anti-phospho-mTOR (Ser2448) F17-65R
Anti-phospho-p38 alpha (Thr180 Tyr182) M39-652R
Anti-phospho-p38 alpha (Tyr182) M39-65R
Anti-phospho-p53 (Ser392) P05-363R
Anti-phospho-PAK1 (Thr212) P02-65BR
Anti-phospho-PAK1/2/3 (Thr402) P02-652R
Anti-phospho-PAK1/2/3 (Thr423) P02-653R
Anti-phospho-Parkin (Ser101) P215-65R
Anti-phospho-Parkin (Ser378) P215-65BR
Anti-phospho-PDK1 (Ser241) P14-65R
Anti-phospho-PLCG1 (Tyr783) P40-465R
Anti-phospho-PLCG2 (Tyr753) P41-465R
Anti-phospho-PLK1 (Thr210) P41-65R
Anti-phospho-RAF1 (Ser301) R01-65R
Anti-phospho-RAF1 (Ser642) R01-65BR
Anti-Phospho-Rel A (ser276) R29-365R
Anti-Phospho-ROCK2 (Tyr256) R11-65R
Anti-Phospho-RSK1 (Ser732) R15-65R
Anti-Phospho-SMAD1 (Ser206) S10-365R
Anti-Phospho-SMAD3 (Ser423) S12-365R
Anti-Phospho-SMAD3 (Thr179) S12-365BR
Anti-phospho-SNCA (Ser129) S22-365R
Anti-phospho-Src (Tyr529) S19-65BR
Anti-Phospho-STAT2 (Tyr690) S53-365R
Anti-phospho-STAT3 (Ser727) S54-365BR
Anti-phospho-STAT3 (Tyr705) S54-365R
Anti-Phospho-STAT5 (Tyr694) S56-365BM
Anti-phospho-STAT5A (Ser780) S56-365R
Anti-Phospho-STAT6 (Tyr641) S57-365R
Anti-phospho-STK10-a (Ser482 Ser486 Ser490) S29-165R
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser214) T08-365GR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser235) T08-365FR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser262) T08-365IR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser356) T08-365MR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser396) T08-365ER
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser404) T08-365HR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser416) T08-365DR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Ser422) T08-365KR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Thr181) T08-365R
Anti-phospho-Tau (Thr205) T08-365BR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Thr212) T08-365JR
Anti-phospho-Tau (Thr231) T08-365CR
Anti-phospho-TRKA (Ser791) N16-65R
Anti-Phospho-UBLE1A (SAE1) (Ser185) U208-65R
Anti-phospho-ZAP70 (Tyr319) Z02-65R
Anti-Phospo-APC6 (Thr580) A92-365R



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