Signaling Proteins

Signaling Proteins

SignalChem manufactures a broad range of recombinant cell signaling proteins paying thorough attention to quality to assist in global academic research and drug discovery efforts. Our comprehensive family offering of signaling protein products have been utilized by many pharmaceutical companies in their research and drug discovery programs. Explore Signalchem’s cell signaling protein product range to study molecular and cell signaling pathways.

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Name Catalog Number
CDC7 Protein C26-30G
CDK5P25 Protein C34-31G
CDK5P35 Protein C34-30G
CDKN3 Protein C01-34G
Cyclin E2 Protein C82-30BG
Cyclin T2 Protein C86-30BG
Cyclin Y Protein C87-30G
CyclinA2 Protein C78-30BG
CyclinC Protein C80-30G
CyclinD1 Protein C81-30G
CyclinD1 Protein C81-30BG
CyclinD2 Protein C81-30B2G
CyclinD3 Protein C81-30B3G
CyclinE1 Protein C82-30G
CyclinH1 Protein C83-30H
CyclinK Protein C84-30G
CyclinM Protein C89-30G
CyclinO Protein C85-30G
MDM2 (1-118) Protein M45-31BH
MDM2 Protein M45-31G
MDM4 (1-137) Protein M47-31BH
p15INK4B Protein C31-30G
p16INK4A Protein C30-30G
p18INK4C Protein C32-30G
p19INK4D Protein C33-30G
p21CIP1 Protein C27-30G
p27KIP1 Protein C28-30G
p33ING1 Protein I32-30H
p33ING2 Protein I32-30BG
p53 Protein P05-30G
p53 Protein P05-30BG
p63 Protein P06-30G
p73 alpha Protein P08-30G
p73 beta Protein P08-30BG
p73 gamma Protein P08-30CG
PCNA Protein P11-30H



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