Assay Substrates

Assay Substrates

Bioreagents are crucial components in regular laboratory applications like enzyme assays. It is essential to use high-quality bioreagents to develop reliable assay methods and to generate reproducible and good-quality assay results. Our scientific team has over 100 years of combined research and industrial experience in the production of recombinant proteins and bioreagents. We leverage our expertise and experience to provide the global scientific community with the high quality and cost-effective bioreagents such as assay reagents, peptide substrates, oligo substrates, lipid substrates, siRNA reagents and more.

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Name Catalog Number
Abltide A02-58
Acetylated Histone H3 Peptide I H12-358
Acetylated Histone H4 Peptide I H13-358
AKT (PKB) Substrate A05-58
AKT (SGK) Substrate A08-58
AMARA Peptide A11-58
Amyloid beta (1-11) Peptide A06-558B
Amyloid beta (1-15) Peptide A06-558I
Amyloid beta (11-20) Peptide A06-558K
Amyloid beta (11-40) Peptide A06-558G
Amyloid beta (11-40), pyrE A06-558H
Amyloid beta (11-42) Peptide A06-558W
Amyloid beta (11-42), pyrE A06-558X
Amyloid beta (12-28) Peptide A06-558L
Amyloid beta (17-28) Peptide A06-558M
Amyloid beta (25-35), C-terminal-amide A06-558O
Amyloid beta (25-35), C-terminal-OH A06-558N
Amyloid beta (25-35), N-Alpha-Biot-LC Labeled A06-558Q
Amyloid beta (25-35), Scrambled A06-558P
Amyloid beta (29-40) Peptide A06-558R
Amyloid beta (3-11) Peptide A06-558C
Amyloid beta (3-11), pyrE A06-558D
Amyloid beta (3-40) Peptide A06-558E
Amyloid beta (3-40), pyrE A06-558F
Amyloid beta (3-42) Peptide A06-558U
Amyloid beta (3-42), pyrE A06-558V
Amyloid beta (31-34), C-terminal-amide A06-558T
Amyloid beta (31-34), Proprionyl-amide A06-558S
Amyloid beta (8-20) Peptide A06-558J
Amyloid beta 40 (A21G), Flemish Mutant A06-518C
Amyloid beta 40 (D23N), Iowa Mutant A06-518F
Amyloid beta 40 (E22G), Arctic Mutant A06-518B
Amyloid beta 40 (E22K), Italian Mutant A06-518D
Amyloid beta 40 (E22Q), Dutch Mutant A06-518E
Amyloid beta 40 Peptide A06-518
Amyloid beta 40, Biot-LC Labeled A06-518I
Amyloid beta 40, N-Alpha 5-FAM Labeled A06-518H
Amyloid beta 40, N-Alpha 5-TAMRA Labeled A06-518G
Amyloid beta 42 (A21G), Flemish Mutant A06-58C
Amyloid beta 42 (D23N), Iowa Mutant A06-58F
Amyloid beta 42 (E22G), Arctic Mutant A06-58B
Amyloid beta 42 (E22K), Italian Mutant A06-58D
Amyloid beta 42 (E22Q), Dutch Mutant A06-58E
Amyloid beta 42 Peptide A06-58
Amyloid beta 42, Biotin-LC-labeled A06-58I
Amyloid beta 42, N-Alpha 5-FAM labeled A06-58H
Amyloid beta 42, N-Alpha 5-TAMRA labeled A06-58G
Autocamtide 2 A15-58
Axltide A16-58
CATCHtide C02-58
CDKtide C06-58
Chktide C10-58
CK1tide C07-58
CK2 Substrate C08-58
CREBtide C50-58
Crosstide C51-58
CSKtide C63-58
DYRKtide D96-58
EF2tide E01-58
EIF2S Peptide E23-58
GRKtide G46-58
GS Peptide G60-58
GSK3 Substrate G50-58
HER2 Substrate E27-58
Histone H1 Peptide H10-58
Histone H3 Peptide (1-21) H12-58
Histone H4 Peptide (1-21) H13-58
HSP27tide H31-58
IGF1Rtide I15-58
IKKtide I33-58
IRS1 (Y608) Peptide I40-58
JAK3tide J03-58
LKBtide L15-58
LRRKtide L10-58
MARCKS Peptide M02-58
Micro2 Peptide M08-58
MLC Peptide M09-58
Modified AKT Substrate A05-58B
Modified AKT Substrate II A05-58C
Modified AXLtide Substrate A16-58B
Modified EIF2S Peptide E23-58B
Modified PKA Substrate C01-58B
Modified PLKtide P41-58B
Modified SGKtide S08-58B
MRCL3 Peptide M56-58
p38 Substrate P03-58
PAKtide P08-58
PDHKtide P57-58
PDKtide P10-58
PKA Substrate C01-58
PKCtide P15-58
PLKtide P41-58
Poly (4:1 Glu, Tyr) Peptide P61-58
Poly (6:2:5:1 Ala,Glu,Lys,Tyr) Peptide P60-58
PP1/PP2A Substrate P50-58
PP2B Substrate P51-58
RS Repeat Peptide R55-58
RSK Substrate S06-58
S6K Substrate S05-58
SAMStide S07-58
SGKtide S08-58
SRC Substrate S30-58
TGFBR1 Peptide T36-58
Thr-phosphopeptide T69-58
Thr-phosphopeptide-3 T72-58
Tyr-phosphopeptide-2 T70-58
Tyrosine Kinase Substrate-3 T71-58
ULKtide U01-58
ZIPtide Z16-58



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