Deubiquitinases (DUBs) are a large group of sophisticated protease enzymes that reverse post-translational modification called ubiquitination by cleaving the ubiquitin proteins and ubiquitin-like proteins such as SUMO and NEDD8 from their substrate proteins, hence controlling the fate of myriad cell signaling proteins and their transduction pathways. Deubiquitinases (DUBs) play pivotal roles in the ubiquitin-proteasome cellular pathway. Due to their involvement in multiple key cell signaling processes encompassing diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration, these enzymes have evolved to be important new therapeutic targets.

In response to the growing market demand, Signalchem has developed an extensive portfolio of deubiquitinase (DUBs) enzymes and proteins alongside our ubiquitin enzymes, UB/UBL modifiers, and substrates. These products provide valuable tools to study their roles in key cellular processes such as protein stability, ubiquitin recycling, and terminating the ubiquitin-dependent signaling. Scientists at Signalchem have developed, optimized and validated an array of assay systems for these DUBs, providing reliable tools for drug discovery and development endeavors.

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Name Catalog Number
AMSH, Active A565-380H
BAP1, Active B504-30H
CYLD, Active C578-380G
JosD2, Active I560-380H
MINDY1, Protein M531-30G
MINDY4, Active M534-10G
OTUB1, Protein O568-30H
OTUB2, Active O569-380H
OTUD6B, Protein O576-30H
OTUD7B, Active O577-381G
OTULIN, Protein O585-30H
PSMD14 Protein P501-30G
SENP1, Active S531-381H
SENP2, Active S532-381H
SENP6, Active S536-380H
SENP8, Active S538-380H
TNFAIP3 (A20p37), Active T563-381H
UCHL1, Active U522-380H
UCHL3, Active U524-380H
UCHL5, Active U526-380H
USP1, Active U501-31G
USP10, Active U510-381G
USP11, Active U511-380G
USP12, Active U512-31G
USP14, Protein U514-30G
USP15, Active U515-380G
USP16, Active U516-381G
USP2, Active U502-381H
USP20, Active U520-381G
USP25, Protein U525-31G
USP28, Active U528-381G
USP35, Active U535-381G
USP46, Protein U546-30H
USP5, Active U505-380H
USP51, Protein U551-31G
USP7 (C-Term) Protein U570-31G
USP7 (N-term), Active U507-381H
USP8, Active U508-381H
YOD1, Protein O572-30H



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