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Active Enzymes Signaling Proteins
Product Name Catalog # Product Name Catalog #
ABL1, Active A03-18H EED Protein E310-30H
ABL1 (M351T), Active A03-12KG EZH1 Protein E395-30G
ABL1 (Q252H), Active A03-12FG EZH2 (Y641C) Protein E396-32BG
AKT2 (R274H), Active A17-12BG EZH2 (Y641H) Protein E396-32DG
ALK2 (G328E), Active A06-12GG EZH2 (Y641N) Protein E396-32EG
ALK2 (G328V), Active A06-12HG EZH2 (Y641S) Protein E396-32FG
ALK2 (G328W), Active A06-12IG HEMK1 Protein H311-30G
ALK2 (G356D), Active A06-12JG HSF1 Protein H25-30G
ALK2 (R202I), Active A06-12EG KAT3A (CREBBP) Protein K312-31G
ALK2 (R258G), Active A06-12KG KAT8 (MYST1) Protein K317-31G
ALK2 (R206H), Active A06-12BG LCMT2 Protein L322-30G
BIRC3, Active B280-380G MEP50 (WDR77) Protein W329-30G
BIRC7, Active B281-380G METTL11A Protein M331-30G
BRAF (V600E), Active B08-12G MLL2 (KMT2D) Protein M342-31G
BTK (P190K), Active B10-12BH MLL3 (KMT2C) Protein M343-31G
c-KIT (A829P), Active C06-12HG P300 Protein P07-31G
c-KIT, Active K06-11BG PAD1 Protein P312-30G
COMT, Active C339-381G PAD2 Protein P312-30BG
DDR2 (T654M), Active D06-12G PAD3 Protein P312-30CG
DNMT3A, Active D353-380G PAD4 Protein P312-30DG
DOT1L (KMT4), Active D344-381G PAD6 Protein P312-30FG
DPY30 Protein D369-30H Parkin Protein P215-30G
EGFR (A763_Y764insFHEA), Active E10-132BG PCMT1 Protein P314-30G
EGFR (d746-750 T790M L858R), Active E10-122XG PPME1 Protein P332-30G
EGFR (d746-750 T790M L978I), Active E10-122WG PRDM2 (KMT8) Protein P333-31G
EGFR (d747-749 A750P), Active E10-12MG PRMT5 Protein P365-30EG
EGFR (G719S), Active E10-12HG PRMT6 Protein P365-30FG
EGFR (H773_V774insAH) Protein E10-13PG PRMT7 Protein P365-30GG
EGFR (H773_V774insH) Protein E10-13RG PRMT8 Protein P365-30HG
EGFR (L858R), Active E10-122BG PRPF19 Protein P270-30G
EGFR (T790M C797S L858R), Active E10-12VG SETD1A (KMT2F) Protein S342-31G
HERC4, Active H265-381G SETD2 (KMT3A) Protein S343-31G
JAK1 (d966-989), Active J01-12DG SETD4 Protein S353-30G
JAK1 (E966V), Active J01-12CG SETD6 Protein S355-30G
LCMT1, Active L321-380G SETDB1 (KMT1E) Protein S346-31G
MET (R970C), Active M52-12OG SUMO2 Protein S294-31H
METTL3/METTL14, Active M323-380G SUMO3 Protein S295-31H
N6AMT2, Active N355-380BH SUV39H2 (KMT1B) Protein S350-30BG
NNMT, Active N330-380G SUV420H1 (KMT5B) Protein S351-30G
PDK1, Active P14-10H SYVN1 (HRD1) Protein S284-31G
PNMT, Active P331-380G Tau-381 Protein T04-54N
PRMT1, Active P365-380G Tau-383 (N352H) Protein T05-56N
PRMT6, Active P365-380FG Tau-441 (231-391) Protein T08-55IN
PRMT8, Active P365-380HG Tau-441 (244-372) Protein T08-55H
RET (S904A), Active R02-12OH Tau-441 (244-372), Biotinylated T08-55NB
RET (S904F), Active R02-12NH Tau-441 (50-421) Protein T08-55NN
RNF34 (CARP), Active R296-380G Tau-441 (A152T) Protein T08-56VN
RNF34L (CARP2), Active R297-380G Tau-441 (dN296) Protein T08-52BN
SETD1A (KMT2F), Active S342-381G Tau-441 (G272V) Protein T08-56DN
SETD6, Active S355-380G Tau-441 (K257T) Protein T08-56N
SMYD3, Active S348-380CG Tau-441 (L266V) Protein T08-56CN
SUV39H1 (KMT1A), Active S350-380G Tau-441 (P301S) Protein T08-56GN
SUV39H2 (KMT1B), Active S350-380BG Tau-441 (S198A) Protein T08-53BN
SUV420H1 (KMT5B), Active S351-380G Tau-441 (S198E) Protein T08-53N
TIE2 (L914F), Active T04-12IG Tau-441 (S199E) Protein T08-53CN
TIE2 (R915C), Active T04-12JG Tau-441 (S214A) Protein T08-53DN
TIE2 (Y1108F), Active T04-12FG Tau-441 (S305N) Protein T08-56HN
TIE2 (Y897H R915C), Active T04-12KG Tau-441 (S352L) Protein T08-56KN
TIE2 (Y897H), Active T04-12HG Tau-441 (S404A) Protein T08-53HN
TRIM37, Active T292-380G Tau-441 (S404E) Protein T08-53GN
TRKA (A608D), Active N16-12DG Tau-441 (V337M) Protein T08-56JN
TRKA (F589L), Active N16-12EG Tau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated & Biotinylated T08-50RNB
TRKA (G595R A608D), Active N16-12FG Tau-441, TTBK1-phosphorylated T08-50ON
TRKA (G595R L657M), Active N16-12GG TRIM37 Protein T292-30G
TRKA (L657M), Active N16-12HG UBA3 (UBE1C) Protein U203-30G
UBA1 (UBE1), Active U201-380G UBA7 (UBE1L) Protein U207-30G
UBE2A, Active U210-380H UBE2A Protein U210-30H
UBE2C, Active U212-380H UBE2B Protein U211-30H
UBE2D1 (UBCH5A), Active U213-380H UBE2E1 (UBCH6) Protein U217-30H
UBE2D2 (UBC4), Active U214-380H UBE2E3 (UBCH9) Protein U219-30H
UBE2D3 (UBCH5C), Active U215-380H UBE2F Protein U220-30H
UBE2E3 (UBCH9), Active U219-380H UBE2H Protein U223-30H
UBE2G1 (UBC7), Active U221-380H UBE2J1 Protein U225-30G
UBE2K (UBC1), Active U227-380H UBE2K (UBC1) Protein U227-30H
UBE2N (UBC13), Active U231-380H UBE2L3 (UBCH7) Protein U228-30H
WHSC1(NSD2), Active N377-381G UBE2L6 (UBCH8) Protein U229-30H
WWP2, Active W297-380G UBE2N (UBC13) Protein U231-30H
    UBE2R1 Protein U234-30H
    UBE2V2 Protein U239-30H
    UBE2W (UBC16) Protein U240-30G
    UBE2Z (USE1) Protein U241-31H
    UCHL3 Protein U24-30H
    UCHL5 Protein U26-30H
    USP7 (C-Term) Protein U570-31G
    USP7 (N-Term) Protein U570-31BH
    WHSC1(NSD2) Protein N377-31G
    WHSC1L1(NSD3) Protein N378-31G
    WTAP Protein W369-30G
    WWP1 Protein W296-30G

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