SignalChem's compound selectivity profiling service determines the respective inhibitory profile and the putative mechanism of action. All compounds are profiled against a panel of targets either using an individual dose, a single concentration or at multiple concentrations in order to allow in-depth IC50 determinations. In addition, the protein kinase assays can be performed under varying ATP concentrations to evaluate the competitive effects of ATP.

The compound selectivity profiling service offered by SignalChem is a very economical and convenient approach to the drug discovery continuum with a two-week turnaround of your specific profiling results. Compounds can be supplied by the client as DMSO stocks of known concentration, as solid material in vials.

Figure 1: Compound Selectivity Profiling Against 48 Targets available as part of SignalChem's Compound Profiling Service.

Figure 2: The IC50 value of a compound was determined by plotting the log of the concentration of the compound vs. the % inhibition of the kinase.



JAK2*: Patent restrictions on this product exclude it as a profiling target for US customers.

SignalChem scientists have gained extensive experience in manufacturing highly functional cellular signaling proteins including protein kinases, protein phosphatases and cellular protein substrates, among others.

Depending upon the client's needs, SignalChem will work with you to custom develop the target to your desired specifications within a realistic and suitable timeframe. Our products have successfully been used in various applications including high-throughput screening, activity assays, binding assays, cell-based assays, protein-protein interaction studies, structural studies and more.


  • Production of the full-length or truncated form of the desired targets
  • Production of highly purified proteins in desired final formulation
  • Production of the target as either untagged or tagged proteins
  • Production of the targets with high biological activity
  • Production of proteins from μg to mg scale


Cloning of Target Gene

Based on the target gene, SignalChem scientists will design specific primers against the target of interest and amplify the gene product from cDNA libraries derived from various human cell lines.The cloned target gene is subsequently cloned into the appropriate expression vectors to maximize the expression levels of the desired target.

Expression of Desired Protein

Based upon the respective needs of the client, SignalChem scientists will recommend the most suitable expression system to use and as a part of the custom project. The choice of the cells and the expression systems is governed by the level of post-translational modification required and whether enzymatic activity is essential.

Purification & Additional Modification of Protein

The selected target is purified from the cellular lysate using established protocols to maintain the protein structure and activity. Additional steps will be taken based on the client's requirements including phosphorylation/dephosphorylation, tag removal, concentration increase, buffer exchange, and more.

Characterization of Target Protein

In the final stages of development, the protein product will be evaluated in multiple tests to ensure the concentration, purity, and activity meet the specifications set by the client.

Recombinant antibodies (rAbs) are highly specific biochemical probes, which are gaining popularity for use in life sciences research, diagnostics and clinical therapy. Unlike traditional monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), rAbs are generated in vitro using synthetic genes, and do not require the use or harm to animals during the production process. Due to continuous interest and high demand, more and more rAb sequences are becoming available to give researchers a growing library of affinity probe designs to choose from.

SignalChem is leveraging our years of expertise to produce high-purity recombinant proteins in various cell systems to provide custom recombinant antibody production services.



Discover how SignalChem's Custom Services can make a difference in your research.

Our scientists understand how pivotal cell signaling proteins are for every research/drug discovery project to be successful, and we keep this principle in mind when collaborating with scientists wanting to procure fully functional, biologically active, custom made recombinant proteins serving their individual research needs.

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SignalChem maintains all information under the strictest confidentiality. All information and/or materials supplied by the customer will be used as directed by the client. Upon completion of the project, all materials will be either returned to the client or disposed of accordingly. SignalChem is willing to execute confidentiality agreements with its clients.



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