Name Catalog Number
Name Catalog Number
Name Catalog Number
Name Catalog Number
Name Catalog Number
CDK1/CyclinE1, Active C22-18CG
c-KIT (V560G V654A D820Y), Active K06-12F2G
CLK4 (I363V), Active C61-12G
DDB1 Protein D55-30G
EIF2AK4 (GCN2) (V379F) Protein E12-16G
EIF2AK4 (GCN2) Protein E12-15G
ERK5, Unactive M32-15G
HER2 (A775_G776insYVMA C805S), Active E27-132FG
HER2 (C805S), Active E27-12RG
FKBP3 (T122A) Protein F39M-36AH
FKBP3 (T122D) Protein F39M-36BH
FKBP3 Protein F39M-34H
JAK2 (JH2) (V617F W659A W777A F794H) Protein J02-16G
PRMT5/MEP50, Active P329-310EG
SIK, Active S14-10G
TEV Protease, Active T525-31BH
DGKI, Active D27-10BH
Name Catalog Number
Name Catalog Number
ABI1 Protein (SH3 domain) A41-35G
CRBN/DDB1 Complex U274-34H
CRBN/DDB1/CUL4A/RBX1 Complex U273-380H
DOCK5 Protein (SH3 domain) D50-35G
Lys-c (lysyl-endopeptidase), Active L585-31H
Lys-c (lysyl-endopeptidase), Active L585-31HP
EGFR (d746-750), Active with mCherry E10-122MJH
ELOB Protein E30-34H
GRB2 Protein (SH3-1 domain) G45-351G
GRB2 Protein (SH3-2 domain) G45-352G
LCK Protein (SH3 domain) L03-35G
PIK3R1 Protein (SH3 domain) P27-35G
RCC1 Protein R41-34H
RGS19 Protein R40-34H
VAV1 Protein (SH3 domain) V14-35G
VAV2 Protein (SH3 domain) V15-35G
VAV3 Protein (SH3 domain) V16-35G
CDK1/CyclinB1, Active C22B-10G


To support the advancement of the next generation of kinase-targeted therapeutic programs, SignalChem has developed over 50 clinically relevant active EGFR mutants, representing the most comprehensive list of this class of proteins in the industry. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) is an important trans-membrane Receptor Tyrosine Kinase extensively recognized for the role it plays in Cancer. Mutations in the EGFR encoding gene can compromise its biological function resulting in deregulation of key cell-signaling pathways. These alterations are the driving agents in many cancers as non-small cell lung cancer, glioblastoma, and basal-like breast cancer.

Tyrosine kinase inhibitors, targeting critical EGFR mutations have revolutionized targeted therapeutics of multiple key cancers such as non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and has established EGFR's as important drug targets. Furthermore, researchers are constantly being challenged by resistance to EGFR targeting cancer therapies, as a result, altering the clinical implications of these anti-EGFR treatments and drug discovery projects. To tackle these challenges, and aide the global life science community, SignalChem has utilized our protein kinase experts with over 100 years of combined experience in developing an effective line of biologically active recombinant EGFR mutants for the international research community.

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