Ubiquitin Proteins

Ubiquitin Proteins

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Name Catalog Number
CBL Protein C272-381G
FANCL Protein F289-30G
GST Protein G52-30H
Parkin Protein P215-30G
PRPF19 Protein P270-30G
STUB1 (CHIP) Protein C268-30H
SUBE1 S291-340G
SUMO1 (UBL1) Protein S293-31H
SUMO2 Protein S294-31H
SUMO3 Protein S295-31H
SYVN1 (HRD1) Protein S284-31G
TRIM32 Protein T291-30G
UBA2 (SAE2) Protein U202-30G
UBA3 (UBE1C) Protein U203-30G
UBE2B Protein U211-30H
UBE2F Protein U220-30H
UBE2H Protein U223-30H
UBE2J1 Protein U225-30G
UBE2L3 (UBCH7) Protein U228-30H
UBE2R1 Protein U234-30H
UBE2R2 (UBC3B) Protein U235-30H
UBE2U Protein U237-30G
UBE2V2 Protein U239-30H
UBE2W (UBC16) Protein U240-30G
UBE2Z (USE1) Protein U241-31H
Ubiquitin Protein U06-54N
UBLE1A (SAE1) Protein U208-30G
WWP1 Protein W296-30G



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