Allergens are antigens (mostly proteins) produced by food, animals, insects, and vegetation, which if inhaled or eaten can trigger a strong immune response by the immune system causing allergic reactions. These proteins are usually non-toxic, but have a tendency to unintentionally trigger a severe immune response in certain individuals causing allergic disorders; which can damage tissues and vital organs. In technical terms, allergens are antigens, which upon identification by the immune system cause immunoglobulin E mediated type-1 hypersensitivity or allergic disorders in atopic individuals. SignalChem has developed an extensive portfolio of bioallergens from various animal, plant, mold, and food sources following strict quality systems and manufacturing protocols intended for in vitro diagnosis and research studies. We aim to provide high-quality recombinant allergens to the global scientific community to aid the development of kits/tests for better diagnosis of IgE mediated allergies and related therapeutic interventions. Our allergens are excellent candidates for use in in-vitro studies of antigen presentation, T cell functions & research, IgE response, innate immune response, and can expedite the development of improved antibody detection kits, histamine assays, and allergy response related biological assays.

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