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Ubiquitin Ligase System

Ubiquitin Proteins


Protein modifications by ubiquitin (Ub) or ubiquitin-like proteins (UBLs) participate in many critical cellular processes such as cell-cycle regulation, DNA repair, oncogenesis, antiviral pathways and most notably, proteasomal degradation of target proteins. Ubiquitination and modification by UBLs share a similar catalytic cascade which requires the sequential action of three classes of enzymes: E1 activating enzymes, E2 conjugating enzymes and E3 ligases. Recent research has linked dysregulation of the Ub/UBLs modification system to numerous diseases including cancer, immunological disorders and neurodegeneration.

In response to a growing market demand, SignalChem has developed an extensive array of superior quality recombinant ubiquitin proteins/ubiquitin-like modifiers and their substrates to study their role in biochemical processes such as ubiquitination, SUMOylation, ISGylation, and NEDDylation. To understand the pivotal role of ubiquitin proteins in myriad cell signaling pathways and human pathophysiology, SignalChem has successfully expressed multiple members of the E1/E2/E3 recombinant proteins to enable drug discovery research and improving human health globally.


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