Assay Substrates

Assay Substrates

Bioreagents are crucial components in regular laboratory applications like enzyme assays. It is essential to use high-quality bioreagents to develop reliable assay methods and to generate reproducible and good-quality assay results. Our scientific team has over 100 years of combined research and industrial experience in the production of recombinant proteins and bioreagents. We leverage our expertise and experience to provide the global scientific community with the high quality and cost-effective bioreagents such as assay reagents, peptide substrates, oligo substrates, lipid substrates, siRNA reagents and more.

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Name Catalog Number
DLG (Dilauroyl-sn-glycerol) D430-59
PI (Phosphatidylinositol) P420-59
PI(3)P P421-59
PI(3)P:PS P426-59
PI(4)P P422-59
PI(4)P:PS P427-59
PI(4,5)P2 P424-59
PI(4,5)P2:PS P429-59
PI(5)P P423-59
PI(5)P:PS P428-59
PI:PS P425-59B
PS (Phosphatidylserine) Solution L11-39



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