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Custom Services


Discover how SignalChem's Custom Services can make a difference in your research.

SignalChem scientists have gained an extensive experience in the development and production of cellular signaling proteins and enzymes. Our scientists have the capabilities to undertake the custom development of the client's desired protein and enzyme target as well as the expertise to develop the appropriate assay systems to assess the respective biological activity of the protein and enzyme target.

Our scientists have developed proprietary methodologies to produce large quantities of extremely pure recombinant enzymes that possess high specific activity without compromising the fidelity of the active site. In general, SignalChem's enzymes such as active protein kinases represent the full-length human clone and do not possess any activating mutations as these mutations do not occur in vivo.

In addition, our scientists have an extensive experience in developing the appropriate assay systems for any biological enzyme and protein targets. In particular, SignalChem's validated assay systems can be used in high throughput format to identify potent inhibitor compounds. The identified inhibitor compounds can be counter-screened against SignalChem's expanding panel of diverse enzymes such as protein kinase and protein phosphatase targets. Using these methodologies, SignalChem can identify potent leads as well as determine the selectivity profile of the compound for our clients.

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