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Customized Recombinant Antibody (rAb) Production


Recombinant antibodies (rAbs) are highly specific biochemical probes, which are gaining popularity for use in life sciences research, diagnostics and clinical therapy. Unlike traditional monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), rAbs are generated in vitro using synthetic genes, and do not require the use or harm to animals during the production process. Due to continuous interest and high demand, more and more rAb sequences are becoming available to give researchers a growing library of affinity probe designs to choose from.

SignalChem is leveraging our years of expertise to produce high-purity recombinant proteins in various cell systems to provide custom recombinant antibody production services.

  Advantages - SignalChem's rAb Production Service  
Quick Turn-around and Scalable Production
Flexible Labeling and Choice of Cell Lines
Isotype or Species Switching

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