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Custom Protein Development

  SignalChem scientist's have gained an extensive experience in the cloning, expression, purification and activation of cellular signaling proteins including protein kinases, protein phosphatases and cellular protein substrates, amongst others.

Depending upon the client's needs, SignalChem scientists will work with you to custom develop the target to your desired specifications within a realistic and suitable timeframe.
  Highlights of SignalChem's custom protein development capabilities include:

» Production of the full-length or truncated form of the desired target
» Production of a highly purified protein
» Production of the target as either untagged or tagged protein
» Production of the target with high biological activity
» Production of proteins from µg to mg scale

SignalChem scientist's can undertake development of a custom protein for a client by adopting a step-wise strategy.
step 1

Cloning of Target Gene
Based on the target gene, SignalChem scientists will design specific primers against the target of interest and amplify the gene product from cDNA libraries derived from various human cell lines.


step 2

Sub-Cloning of Target Gene
The cloned target gene is subsequently cloned into the appropriate expression vectors to maximize the expression levels of the desired target.


step 3

Expression of Desired Protein
Based upon the respective needs of the client, SignalChem scientist will recommend the most suitable expression system to use and as a part of the custom project. The choice of the cells and the expression systems is governed by the level of post-translational modification required and whether enzymatic activity is essential.


step 4

Purification and Characterization of Target Protein
In the final stages of development, the selected target is purified from the cellular lysate and evaluated to ensure that the final product meets the specifications set forth by the client.



SignalChem maintains all information under the strictest confidentiality. All information and/or materials supplied by the customer will be used as directed by the client. Upon completion of the project, all materials will be either returned to the client or disposed of accordingly. SignalChem is willing to execute confidentiality agreements with its clients.


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